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15 Jun 15 - 19:52

6 Tips on How to Look Indie at School

When at school, try and always have your top button done up, as it gives that classic indie look.Wear some white socks for school.Wear a shoulder bag to carry your books in.Swear to emphasize words if you must, but don't do it too much.

Ignore mockers, or insult them back with something witty.

Canerods True Religion Don't come across as a rebel, but let people know you have your own style and that you're not changing for anybody.

Get some vans or skater shoes that have suitable colours,(Black vans/dcs/etnies etc.Are recommended).Keds are instyle for girls, and moccasins/dress shoes for boys.

Wear white socks.

Have a man/shoulder bag or even a backpack in some cases.

Have your top button up and your collar down.

Listen to indie music, but also get an experienced knowledge of music.

Grow your hair.

Get some True Religion Jeans Cheap black skinny jeans.

If somebody disagrees with your own musical taste, dont bother them about it.

Act nice, don't start fights or randomly abuse people.

Make sure that you don't force yourself into liking indie music.It's good to experiment and True Religion Outlet UK look around for unknown artists, but stay true to personal taste.

Don't ditch your friends for other indie True Religion Jeans Cheap people.You aren't better then others just because you are different.And don't loose yourself.Remember underneath the clothes and hair, you are still the same person.Stay true to yourself, and your friends.

Act like you are inspired by the world, even if you aren't.

Its about how you look to other people, not how you actually are.

Don't come across as a wannabe, getting the indie look takes time.

Be well prepared for insults and remarks, read the steps and tips section for more info.Except no one ever cares enough to insult"Indie rock"Kids.

Don't be surprised if you lose some friends, but don't be mean to them.

Don't be afraid to try something new, because of what other people think.Being indie is being different, and having a unique sense of style and music.Plus, you never know what looks great until you try it.

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